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Aka Moon
Aka Moon
Record Labels Cypres
Phonographic reference CYP0607
Released March 29, 2012
Media cd

Fabrizio Cassol - Alto saxophone, Composer    
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - Electric bass    
Stéphane Galland - Drums    


Aka Moon  


1.   Omax1 (Tokyo)    
2.   Michel is back      
3.   Stésté      
4.   Istanbul      
5.   Unison    
6.   For drummers only      
7.   Mirror      
8.   Fonès      
9.   East Berlin      

Compositions : Fabrizio Cassol.

On 'UNISON' Aka Moon reaches back to their source energy as a trio. After 20 years of countless collaborations -both live and on record- Fabrizio Cassol, Stéphane Galland and Michel Hatzigeorgiou felt the artistic need to re-focus on their strength as a trio.
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