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Aka Moon
Aka Moon
In real time
Record Labels Carbon 7
Phonographic reference C7-052
Released April 2001
Media cd
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Fabrizio Cassol - Alto saxophone, Composer    
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - Electric bass    
Stéphane Galland - Drums    
Fabian Fiorini - Piano    
Marc Ducret - Guitar    
Eric Legnini - Keyboards    


Aka Moon  


1.   Dirty Play and Chaos Dance    
2.   Ursula and the Wind Dance    
3.   Alix      
4.   Marta and Rosalba      
5.   Sleeping Dance      
6.   Men's Dance      
7.   Sara      
8.   I said I music of the ballet "I Said I"    

Music composed by Fabrizio CASSOL

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This CD, Aka Moon's 11th, is their original music for the dancetheatre production "In Real Time". This piece, created by Anne-Teresa De Keersmaeker's dance company "Rosas", the Tg Stan theatre company, and Aka Moon is a true work of interactive creation.
The material was developed by the three disciplines together, with each influencing the others. And the music particularly has a decisive role in the way the dance was developed, with a real learning process around Aka Moon's rhythmic patterns being necessary.

But Aka Moon's music is also influenced by the collaboration dance-theatre, and it manifests a clarity which makes the music on this CD more accessible, and opens it up to a wider audience. The line-up on the CD also goes back "to basics", in comparison with Aka Moon's last albums, with the trio here augmented only by piano and keyboards.

During the piece, Aka Moon is on-stage practically all the time, playing their music amongst the dancers and actors, as full "actors" themselves in the piece.

"In Real Time" has toured all over Europe, and this has created an added cohesion among the three participants - Aka Moon, Rosas, and Tg Stan - taking all three even further beyond their individual roles and bringing a new dimension to what we expect from performing art.

The CD also includes a bonus track of Aka Moon's contribution to Rosas's previous piece "I Said I", with guest musicians Marc Ducret (guitar) and Eric Legnini (keyboards). This 10-minute piece is a masterpiece in the band's work.

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