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Act Big Band & Guests
Act Big Band & Guests
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 044c
Released May 2012
Collection Igloo Jazz Classics
Media cd
Recorded November 1986
  Igloo Studio, Brussels

Reissue of the album with the same title (1987). New cover.
Remixed, new mastering.

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Félix Simtaine - Drums    
Michel Herr - Piano, musical director    
Joe Lovano - Tenor saxophone    
John Ruocco - Tenor saxophone    
Eric Verhaeghe - Trumpet    
Serge Plume - Trumpet    
Richard Rousselet - Trumpet    
Bert Joris - Trumpet, Composer    
Marc Godfroid - Trombone    
Paul Bourdiaudhy - Trombone    
Jean-Pol Danhier - Trombone    
Peter Vandendriessche - Alto saxophone    
Kurt Van Herck - Tenor saxophone    
Erwin Vann - Tenor saxophone    
Johan Vandendriessche - Baritone saxophone    
Philippe Aerts - Double bass    
Jean-Pierre Catoul - Violin    


Act Big Band  


1.   Pentaprism    
  Michel Herr
2.   Omnitonic      
  Francy Boland
3.   Extremes    
  Michel Herr,
4.   In a sentimental mood      
  Bert Joris (arrangement), Duke Ellington
  Arnould Massart
6.   Easy Fucksong      
  Bert Joris
7.   Rough Business      
  Jean Warland
8.   Ana Maria      
  Michel Herr (arrangement), Wayne Shorter
9.   Rough stuff      
  Jean Warland
ACT BIG BAND, a real institution on the Belgian jazz scene, invites two American guests : saxophonists Joe LOVANO and John RUOCCO. The repertoire is mainly composed of music written by prominent Belgian composers/arrangers. Four pieces have especially been written for this album : "Omnitonic" (by Francy BOLAND), the CD's title track "Extremes" (by the band's musical director Michel HERR), "Ré" (by Arnould MASSART) and "Rough Business" (by Jean WARLAND).

This CD has also been released in Canada in the late eighties, on the Amplitude label JACD-4002.

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