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Record Labels Paisley Press
Phonographic reference PP 101
Released 2015
Media cd
Recorded December 1976

Originally released as a LP in 1977 on the I.B.C. label (International Bestseller Company), a subsidiary of EMI-Benelux.

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Dirk Bogaert - Flute    
Paul Elias - Guitar    
Jean-Paul Musette - Electric bass    
Charles Loos - Keyboards    
Jack Mauer - Drums    
Tony Malisan - Drums   Only on # 2, 4, 5


1.   Clear hours      
  Charles Loos
2.   A boire / et / à manger      
  Jean-Paul Musette
3.   Sweetank      
  Charles Loos
4.   Billy the Keith      
  Charles Loos
5.   Jeronimo      
  Jean-Paul Musette
6.   Bolle winkel      
  Lieven Venken
7.   Arhumba      
  Charles Loos
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