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3io Fiorini/Lehr/Sardjoe
3io Fiorini/Lehr/Sardjoe
Som3thing red in the blue
Record Labels Cypres
Phonographic reference CYP 0603
Released March 2008
Media cd
Recorded Igloo Studio, Brussels
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Fabian Fiorini - Piano    
Jean-Luc Lehr - Bass    
Chander Sardjoe - Drums    


3io Fiorini/Lehr/Sardjoe  


1.   Praeludium (In memoriam J.S. Bach)      
2.   Nabuchodonozor      
3.   Something red in the blue      
4.   2,00238      
5.   Jeanne      
6.   Lontano      
7.   Monk Memory #1      
8.   Tzärr Suite      
9.   Le ventre de Paola      
10.   Sérénade      
11.   Habra’K’Dabrah      
12.   Platforms      
13.   I nuvoli all’arba      

Compositions : Fabian Fiorini.

Red like the heart of the moment, the centre of the vibration, the heat of improvisation, the strength of spontaneity. This red hidden in the immensity of blue, this red shimmering somewhere between the sky and the earth of the continent Jazz, it is this that drives the rhythm of this disc.

It is the birth of a new trio. A multi-facetted artiste, Fabian Fiorini lets us share his Jazz emotions in the company of Chander Sardjoe and Jean-Luc Lehr, the other members of 3io. This first recording features compositions that reflect his melodic and rhythmic experimentation.

The creative period covered by this disc is deliberately very broad. Some compositions (such as Nabuchodonozor) form part of the very earliest individual works that I have kept. Although they have been reworked recently for the purposes of this recording, these pieces belong to a different part of my life, they have an internal vintage, a kind of mellowing that with time has come about quite naturally.

Other pieces (such as Something red and I Nuvoli all'arba) were written in 2007, with more pressing necessity, and they are more in line with the nature of my current research. This disc presents a coherent narrative and expressive continuity. The oldest pieces blend with each other and interact with a status that is identical with that of the newer pieces. The musical language of this disc mixes pieces that are predominantly rhythmic, in which the play is centred on the pleasure of making rhythms (Something red, Habra 'k'dabrah, Platforms, Monk memory #1), narrative pieces full of dramatic tension, in which the idea is to move forwards through a history of music (Tzrr Suite, Nabuchodonozor) and more poetic, descriptive pieces (2,00238, Le ventre de Paola, I Nuvoli all'arba). The harmonic, contrapuntal and rhythmic techniques are a concentration of the techniques that have attracted me to music in the course of my existence.

(Fabian Fiorini)

In short, this is accessible, enjoyable music that constructs a landscape to be discovered, the crossover of different paths. Paths leading to genuine pleasure for the ear.

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