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Orchestre Toubab
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Web site Dedicated website

Robert Falk - Acoustic guitar    
Benoir Leseure - Violin    
Alessio Campanozzi - Double bass, Bass    
Gauthier Lisein - Percussion    

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L’OrchestreToubab, is an acoustic quartet which plays original compositions halfway between world music and afrotropical jazz.

A special emphasis is put on african music or music with an african inspiration. The name of the group itself refers to the mythical ‘Orchestre Baobab’ a legendary senegalese band.

Robert Falk’s compositions are generally inspired by the rhythms and melodies of western Africa with additional central Africa and brazilian influences. Some more mainstream jazz themes are also present but always with a fusion touch. There is ample improvisation as well which makes every performance of the group a unique event.

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